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I don't want to tell you that I know more than you about colour: but desktop publishing, which got renamed to digital printing when the first term was found not to be bossy enough, was well and truly founded in an environment where the sharing of 'views' was more important than being able to ascertain a single darn thing by yourself.

And those 'views' included the sharing of descriptions of 'just a little hot sheet action,' that got grandmothers who believed in sin all uppity.

It's easy to brush that aside when you're sure that you can 'meet more' - this isn't so much as building a database and looking at statistics as being sure that people mean it when they say it isn't about sharing a few minutes together once a week or so.

On the matter of debs, I'm not thrilled about giving something a new extension because of its content: but I don't want to appear ungrateful, and I don't know how much I'll get done this year or the next. It's the same old story: as a loner you can't reach out to someone without appearing like you're wanting to start a fire with them. So now I'm committing to giving you a zip, and that means concerning myself about what people who I'm giving a reason hereby to hate me will have to say about my organization.

And of course a README, but don't expect an INSTALL: because that will start with 'copy the files where you fucking like.'

And then it will degenerate into an installation of my 'views.'

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