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Rearranging C code can be a tedious job. For instance, if we've decided not to expose a struct we are likely to need allocation routines and member access routines.

And then we think, what am I doing this for? I had one source file and now I have eight. Part of the trouble is that we're keeping to the principle of os independence, which means we put the routines making syscalls into separate files clearly marked for the particular os.

If we think too hard about making our projects useful we are making one of the biggest mistakes a programmer or coder can make.

There was a time that I found I had made a mistake yet I could not place what it was, or when I had made it; it was about this time that I bought my Yamaha Fantasy. In the saddle mistakes didn't matter.

There is nothing new under the sun and the stars are out of reach, but who cares?

Following in the footsteps of Dad I took things easy. Pushing ourselves would mean that mistakes become a very serious matter indeed.

I've never owned anything more than a seven-fifty. I'll think about going into the litre class if a trip from here to Russia becomes likely. Besides the yellow-x-silver, my dad stopped at five-hundred: that one replaced a three-fifty which didn't suit him very much.

The fastest I've ridden on a good road is about a hundred. Of course gauges don't always read properly and opinions on what a good road is vary widely.

The good road I refer to was part of a group excursion that took place over a number of days (this was on the bike I call Be More Wise, some years before I bought the Yamaha). The other members of this group knew me as the one with a bee in his bonnet.

But we had a madman with us who rode on desert roads on a superbike when he wanted a change, and he would take a pillion for stability; and he fed us stroh rum soaked raisins. In which state, of course, I behaved like a giant baby (I understand that I proposed to a number of women, but they were taken).

It was jolly good fun and not a tittle was left off the itinerary.

The madman was very backwards in his ways: he didn't seem to think that computers were very useful. Of course his bike had a digital display, but these do not require a microprocessor, and if I'm any judge of character, he seldom ever looked down.

I liked that madman. He told me to get a real job.

He also told me that one day I'd become a water drinker, but he didn't quite know who he was talking to. The machine he was riding was a be-yoot. Just the sound of it cranking up to speed as it disappeared into the distance made that excursion worth while. Elastic is a word that can seldom be applied to a car, if ever.

As I understand it he got to a hundred and thirty on that road, so I was not ashamed of my hundred at all.

But then, as with all trips, we hit a boring section. Very picturesque, but after the beautiful roads we had been riding on, scenery was about as much fun as watching a documentary that compares everything to big things found in the ocean.

I was now well over ten degrees longitude and five degrees latitude distant from where I had taken More to show to those who might have been wondering how I was progressing with my goals.

The effect of the scenery, and of being in a foreign land, which might just have easily have been the origin of my story, I didn't think I was doing so well after all.

The few honest souls who were with me might therefore understand what drove me to wasting a perfectly good bike. I seemed to gain the respect from one or two; but they might have classed me as a loose cannon.

Will one person be impressed?

I managed to complete my code reorganization, insomuch as such a task can ever be completed.

A programming job is pretty easy. Just make sure you are allowed to work on GPL projects in your spare time.

A friend of mine is itching to know how I wrote a search engine without a query language. Which is one of those things that are the rather more difficult to explain than to do.