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While thinking about the interior of a car as it is used in business discussions, which I describe as either a perfectly adequate appointment or just kitsch (motorbikes are either perfect or just okay and that can only apply to the thing as a whole) we come to the matter of the tools that are used in the making of appointments, and I'm counting down from ten to a Shuttle explosion in anticipation of what we'll be talking about when we're in a setting which might be called social, in which hogging the conversation is more anti-social than staying at home.

Or telling people to get the fuck out.

Sometimes a person might refuse to leave as a form of artistic demonstration of passive aggression. Hopeless savages trying to be friends while graphic artists are complaining that computers took away all the fun aside, I must remind people not to shave their legs just before the much belated staff Christmas party around the pool. Otherwise it is highly recommended to those who find the word boy has been taken from them and the only return is their own hair.

The attraction to a smooth pair of legs is undeniable: so much so that people rewrite the history of civilization around it. But before we start looking at the word superficial for being an inappropriate place to plonk the super prefix we begin with figuratively getting in each others hair, and enjoying it more than we could the literal.

But that's the old-fashioned Victorian way.

Upgrading my present perception to match a robust hindsight vision, which is borrowed from an idea born in a country which uses Victorian facades around American ideals, which I need to do because we know how proud Briton Englishmen are of the language that they check with an American built app, who live in an island of discarded needles which are cleared away from historic monuments that serve only to confuse the population, which upgrading of perceptions has taken me six months and as many published tunes to achieve, and I'm not going to talk about the beer, but lets call it a thousand cups of coffee, I now term the period of time since I handed in my resignation as a documentation sabbatical.

I had to work round the clock in order to be able to complete a project which could at least sit together with the word art in a sentence, if not to be friends with it. This wasn't a problem to me at all: the problem was that we were talking about training before talking about documentation. And unless you get a scratch version of a user guide prepared before the first training session, the game is lost.

Now, why didn't I say that before?

But we go back to the beginning, now: the first three words of the bible are like red, green, and blue. Complementary colours being child's play, the question of where the bible begins is something adults may debate.

The question of how much a sense of humour costs per hour is not up for debate; nor is the matter that Init Systems started a number of gpl projects. One of which projects was a container for many.

Cheap design cheaply implemented, one obvious use of the framework is a tool for the appointment of the lots.

This tool--which is an app that is only used by programmers and coders and those that help them--will need lots to be appointed. But we're going to have to use our imagination to get started, anyway. Before we do so we need to think about color, because if we try to avoid it by sticking to only two contrasting colors, we will only be writing an app that we're willing to walk away from if anyone says they own it.

The first thing to discuss, when contemplating an app that is not just a facade, is that of how many colors are available for use as being not a matter for creativity, except insomuch that they are selected by someone with flair in that way, under the guidance of those who have the final say on the matter of them being sufficiently contrasting.

Not being sure if I'm only talking to myself, and looking at my left hand, with fingernails that are just the right length for scratching any number of things, it seems to me that were I tasked with choosing such colours, and the stakes were high, I wouldn't hesitate to have those colours right in front of me.

Background, foreground, frame, marriage, and divorce.

We might reserve the last two for an unambiguous on-off state, but it seems that the other two are something of the like; as well as appropriate words to have in front of us all the time.

But this means I need to upgrade my present reference implementation to bring my hindsight vision to within an error value of the word robust.