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I have every reason to think that health problems are inseparable from the understanding. By this I mean that it's only in moments of supreme health that we can put aside our subjective complaints; at which we might come to think that what remains is in comparison a drunken stupor. That said, some subjective complaints are not to be complained about.

A saying which thankfully became obsolete had something to do with what behind every successful man could be found. That may have had something to do with how men measured their success in the chauvinistic (black and white) Victorian Era.

Colour your world.

The end of my research into the car-wash culture, which research was founded on misgivings that men being coerced into the making of marriage proposals was about as good as telling an adder to propose to the bird it ate, was the introduction of the Divorce Law. As those who enjoy the arborreal life know, some things take time to digest.

Naturally we have opinions imposed on us. The simplest route to the avoidance of divorce is the avoidance of marriage; but the avoidance of marriage gets us yet again looking at what inside the trees are to be found. I'm now not so sure that there's any reason to avoid divorce: it brought about the end of the silliness of people committing to each other just for the sake of a ceremony, it allowed men of virtue to put away wives who started dabbling in the occult, and ultimately it brought English to mean what the tongue does, alone.

Finding you've only been wanting what's for show is a tough cookie to swallow. This might get us to look again at theory that didn't seem so interesting for a while. The theory of how colour is produced with current through semiconductors is as tantalizing as the theory of colour itself. But it seems that we have a conflict. Finding a person who knows the one, and another who knows the other, we might lead them into a discussion about the matter; which, assuming suitable referees, might bring the mysteries of the universe down to something as easily digestible as that which has by now been half digested.

Adders do need to know when to stop or we must find a very brave Debugger. Taking a ladder back to where I branched off, we need to remember that Artists are those to whom colour matters. Colour-coding doesn't require colours that are supposed to connect with our emotions: that would be to miss what colour-coding aims to achieve. Setting parameters for those to whom colour does matter would be too nice: meaning, we aught to do it, but we need to get someone to listen to us first.

But now I'm drifting away from what I set out to achieve, as no-one seemd to notice the colours that I'm flying, and as if the men thought I said, 'you need to get yourself a porpoise in life.'

And I'm racing against time. This is my own fault: the internet doesn't forget. Bragging rights will cost you peanuts, unless you live where free rides are to be avoided.