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Once the theft had been formalized, and the contracts had been made watertight, they started talking about intellectual property.

You need to know that some people lay in our way: these, if we made a sound that seemed like we were going to give an explanation, responded 'I get it.'

That in itself is theft, if you are wanting to give an explanation.

You see, this is where gender comes in: because some people say that we really don't get it, if we don't know about how people can speak volumes to each other with just a look. And then, some are unable to move their limbs without talking about it, which they and others say has everything to do with gender.

Now perhaps you can see what we were rightfully patriotic about turned into something that was just about trashing the country. Literally and figuratively.

'The government,' the people say, 'is supposed to clean up after sporting events.'

'Look at the bit of work we did to help them.'

Well, I've had no less than twenty years of this. Maybe you'll now see what others might be thinking on the matter of leaving me to my own devices for another twenty.

Now, I don't want to beat around the bush; but I need to put the you-know-what in the you-know-where.

And then I need to do it again, with others, who'll get me to rise an hour early just like Dunstinborough time.

You old mean baby can get out your lawyers and I'll work up some more custard for the tanned 'housebreaking' warriors.

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