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"We call upon Brian(e) to write us a webdoc!"

In a state of recovery from some indigestion I imagined someone I know saying this to me, who has always been a reliable friend to me. But we had had serious disagreements on matters of philosophy and theology. Some drinking buddies circumscribe the topics of religion and philosophy and consider the mother country to be a bitch that deserves nothing but abuse.

Be not unequally yoked with unbelievers.

This applies to all types of relationships, and the converse is also true. Having found a friend who is as irreligious as myself and yet has reason to respect those with strong religious convictions, it must be well believed that nothing but the want of God would lead me to put such a friend aside.

Irreligious is not correct; the disagreements I have had with this friend have always led me to do more research: but I began to suspect that the way the biblical stories had been taught to him had intentionally conflicted with a skeptical nature. I had skeptical mentors who didn't concern themselves over the whether their name was in the Book of Life. These influences were about as far apart from my friend's influences as they could be (I suspect that his influences think they have a Book of Life Rubber). Not being aware of the reactions of influences, and not circumscribing any topics, there would for no apparent reason be a reaction; and we would find ourselves editing the Book of Friendship yet again.

Ironically our most recent fall-out had to do with the art of meditation.

Wouldn't you like to jump her bones?

This is what friends are supposed to say to each other: this from a model friend (I wasn't allowed to tell her she was like a model).