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It's pleasant to talk to oneself; at least I always enjoyed doing so (if we have an inner struggle, we need to be willing to scare the fucking life out of everyone around us, or people will just point and stare and shake their heads).

Of course, they might come and take me away at any time, which will give me a life so full of leisure that I might start painting my fingernails.

The problem when we've gotten used to talking to ourselves is when we discover we can assume the voice of a respondent; because then we're likely to shut up all of a sudden (there's also the problem of what to do with credit we receive, for what we then write, when we find ourselves thus out of our depth).

That guy's gone starkers! He's not talking to himself any more!

That some businesses made our stomachs their job we know for certain.

This is an age old sex problem.

Not to be ageist the lure is not people with gray hair. Not to be sexist, boys are ever told (by their mothers) that what happens to the food they eat is a conspiracy of one. And not girls.

Not to be prejudiced against those who think a sex problem can exist between members of the same sex without including the problem of fighting over the opposite sex, the businesses we talk of are hardly ever interested interested in luring the uninitiated boy with another boy. Not to be prejudiced against those who insist that a man can lead a woman to spend money simply because he is a man and she is a woman, these businesses are hardly ever interested in girls' stomachs (or that of a woman). I know that gender equality has been proven to be absolute truth, but there is another case which were I to even suggest except by its absence, I would appear to be an uninitiated boy.

The rare exceptions appeal to the mind of a woman (and not the mind of a girl) or the oversatiated (which we will leave as an adjectival noun).

The fact is that, in times when businesses which make the study of the stomach their job themselves seem oversatiated, they include those that are expert at initiation, and, to the degree that no-one will be able to deny that they are magazine companies that have nothing to do with sex at all, for example, they are able to wash their hands of the initiation itself, and go on lying to themselves.

All I can add is that I'm glad my inner voice hasn't committed me by talking about surname changes in a relational database.

I'm still hung up on surname changes in an LDAP database, but OpenLDAP had in fact just become word-game nonsense, which delayed Samba Active Directory support by countless years, because what programmer can take their job seriously if their project is to rest on a show of erect cocks?