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Try as we might, we cannot get away from programmes which were written with a character matrix terminal in mind.

But it is a strange mindset that attempts to get away from things which have provided value; it is a strange mindset that suggest to us that these programmes should cease to work on our computers.

The difference between software and hardware is best demonstrated by compatibility. One mindset was that so long as the programmes could be compiled on a new system, it did not matter if the compiled programmes could not run on both. This, of course, requires the source code to be available. This was the old mindset: this was the Unix mindset.

Initially there was only one processor manufacturer crazy enough to take on the task of binary compatibility: to the victors, the spoils.

But we are talking about software and hardware at present; the existence of virtual machines means that we would have to ask someone who understands how one works to be able to tell the two apart: such a person may well mention the Universal Turing Machine; but is a computer one of these?

The difficulty we started off with is the incompatibility between differing character mode terminals, which came about due to the thriving Unix industry. We might ask why standards were so tardy to have come about, but we have either to discuss history, or programmes written with a character matrix terminal in mind.

The libraries written to cater for the vast number of terminal modes have never been perfected.

And this makes our Linux console a bit of an embarrassment: would you want to add your name to the list of contributors to xterm?

What are our options?

Not trusting in the commercial interest in social media, I chose to setup a website.

And it has been a lot of fun writing about history and other such nonsense: but I almost forgot about xterm!

If you see the same problem as I do, be so good as to drop me a line!

I'm an unknown person, without an interesting project to join. The last project that I was part of, was an ill-fated one. One which my desire to become an independent man put me at logger-heads with; one which was based on a language developed by one of the old Unix Giants.

Which fell at the hands of Linux itself.

• Even though Microsoft is being nice to us, and in fact seems to have no latent malice left, does that mean we should stop programming? Stop trying to shine all aspects of open source?
• The light of open source, some of us fully saw, and in the nineties we saw it, was driving Microsoft to do better.
• In the darkest days of Microsoft dominance, when we were threatened with the worst kind of extinction, we yet knew that open source has no business model.
• Do your best, Microsoft; but let's fix the basic stuff. Let's look at the command, toe{1}.

{1} A quirk of the search engine that suggested to us that internet searching was about luck is that one cannot prevent it giving you pictures with the results. In order to prevent your stomach from being turned, I recommend you install Linux under MS-Windows.

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