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'Shouting at nobody, Brian: that's a good way to spend the morning.'

'Why, thank you, my dear.'

Getting things 'connected' we try to take a glimpse of the future, but it throws us into the past. The matter of having an index that makes things feel like they are 'closely connected' was a challenge, and still is one; but once that's established, we start calling everything else, 'unstructured.'

It's of the utmost importance, to me, to give credit where it's due: but following that up we find people like Phil Katz; and now we have something more than 'utmost.'

The fact is, compression is believed to be theory. If I question the soundness of your mind, you'll show me a mirror. The placing of mirrors throughout a house came about when 'silver plate' went to an antique store, along with what is silver plated.

So don't come at me with your 'factories in the East,' as if you didn't fucking send them there yourself.

The lack of any kind of factory puts me on my head. But I'll keep what's 'connected-like' as a reminder, while we go on looking for words which have either been forgotten, or which never came to light.

Applied Combinatorics actually means, electronic circuit.

Are you going to set a better goal than that of my talking to myself?

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