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Having to find an entry into this, here, is what I call progress: 'going wild' is a tendency that makes me 'lead the horse to water' and make it drink from what's the saliva of a language.

Automated backups of your config would rely on a notification system for in case they stop being made. As I have a tendency to hesitate before deleting anything that may contain something to which I may refer in case of doubt, simply having a routine that keeps the backup set to a configured number will save me the worry of having to think about that configuration at an inconvenient time.

It just so happens the number five comes up first, which is neither because I'm looking at one of my pentagrams nor because I was looking at the space between the strings. It is a funny thing, language, isn't it?

Discrete numbers is a topic--which is a module--which makes me wish for a ten-foot bed upon which I may lie until the temporal shape of the world stops making me feel dizzy.

If my brain was not addled enough by skeptics, there was always the cartoon that reminded us just how much fun it was to sit in a box like they say cats love so much.

But if logic isn't wonderful, then you're doing it wrong.

Of course, I have already been doing backups, but now the idea is to expand on the theme, which will be a matter of selecting the files as I come to changing them (or as it suits my fancy). It being dinner time I think again about those with devoted mothers and wives. A lot of this is repetition of what I did when the meals that only a mother can make--specifically on the matter of their not being repeatable--came to me while I went on attempting to conform to a home that was no longer natural to be in.

Returning as the son who's in debt and in big trouble is somewhat different to returning when you still have assets, liquid and otherwise.

Perhaps you might see, hereby, why I repudiate the calling of a thing, God's truth.

Now, who would be so careless as to make (multiple) copies of 'shadow'? I ask you if that kind of confession isn't just a signal light!

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