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It seems we're either going to be taking or giving insults. I at least have a few colleagues I can thank for accepting the insults that I was offered; and someone who saved me the trouble of having a wife.

They're all the same; they'll all come back with a nose-ring or a tattoo. And if your wife hasn't done that to you, I guess I'll just have to be lucky for nothing.

We first came to look at a filesystem file when we used a tool to optimize a filesystem that would only be called sub-optimal if we took to rollerskating up hills and walking down them, and calling that optimal. Filesystems do get fragmented: keeping reserve space is how to prevent this. That is, unless you're using a filesystem that hasn't changed its allocation structures since the nineteen-seventies.

The nineteen-seventies were all about Disco. Getting stood up, then, is something we assume most boys knew about in those days. The more cruel types of disco girls, however, would the rather bring along their boyfriend to the date. And so two boys might chat about motorbikes and the one might say to the other, 'I'm trying to convince her to jump on the back.'

But there are some motorcyclists who don't think pillion is a good idea.

'The two on the bike need to be as one,' said the other boy, who had been anti-stood up. And then he finds an excuse and leaves; and just as he has committed to leaving he thinks, 'I shouldn't have done that,' because he can't stop wondering what they're getting up to; and so he discovers Regret. In the turmoil of wondering how things might elsewise have been had he determined to see the night through, which thought possesses him for a good few days, she showed up where he was most comfortable, and made it known to him that she'd dumped her boyfriend.

But now he has to admit defeat, because he got anti-stood up on the second date. In fact, it might've been the third, if a boy's allowed to visit a waitress when he is playing his cards with an open hand.

Now I'm not looking for absolution; forgiveness for the things I do. But before you come to any conclusions, try walking in my shoes.

But this was the seventies, and wave-table synthesizers had not yet reached the perfection that must precede a standard.

The boy had first realized how he felt as he took a photo, years before; the two had struck up a conversation amongst a group while walking the hills. Now, after being anti-stood up, they were again amongst people who liked to have clean fun, and again cooking over fire. But the boy, who on the previous occasion had spoken passionately against any form of narcotic, had over the course of the intervening years changed his opinions. And here a drug-induced experience left him hopeless in terms of having a regular life: looking at theory and practice, computers took on a new meaning to him.

Or was it just the drugs talking?

Feeling that he had ten extra fingers, 'words like violence,' also took on a new meaning to him; as did idolatry.

'I am Aggrajag,' was the last message we received from him (so we think it must have been the drugs).

The usefulness of filesystem files that have neither indexes for allocation nor for fragments is that we have now all seen a representation of the free space in a filesystem file; we can then imagine, for each root, the sum of the allocation of the subtree. This allocation can be divided into file data and that which is required for the dir structure. Looking for a place for the term, meta-data, isn't very constructive. Making sure to say dir-tree, unambiguously, was what disco-boy used to say to his friends was part of standing for good technology; but he learnt that no-one was listening to him, because they were only interested in the entertainment value of what was in front of them.

Showing a file, in terms of the highlighting of address ranges within it, we're required to pick a corner and call that start. And then we need to pick an axis and call that number one. Thus done, we need to look at an alligator. If we're bored enough we might make such an app, but it is to be noted that some of the decisions needn't be hard-coded.

We've already come to require a config file of questionable principles, for text files only being good for trees: disco-boy used to chuckle about /etc for it is the place where things have birth; but then he saw taxonimists with nothing better to do finding employment in the government and making arbitrary roots as if it wasn't all yet a big experiment.

'How about hierarchical access control,' he asked of his friends; and they all did nod their heads. But we, now, have to do our level best to keep people from hardening security.

Taking a dive for the team, we note that %Systemdrive%\ProgramData is the equivalent of /etc.

But I'm not yet sure where in my cloud I aught to store my todo list; so I'll prioritize other people's requests for now.