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As a bullied schoolboy I feel somewhat left out, because I can only think of two bullies, they weren't leaders of a pack of thugs by any means, I gathered that their parents were not on good terms, and as slow as I am in discovering some things, much of what my schoolpeers were struggling with I figured out on the way to school or in my leisure time. Having been pushed up a year was the best thing for me, for I wasn't amongst those who were guaranteed to be disappointed upon finding the reward for intelligence doesn't leave the schoolgrounds.

I've unfortunately had an adult life of being talked down to by people in positions of authority above me. People who do things for feelings, such as getting married, seldom consider the whether they're doing so simply out of a desire for the authority that comes with the status. I carried authority for a time, on account of my being mostly self-taught, but then I found myself isolated with only the kinds of people who pick up a screwdriver and then find something to do with it. I don't mind the company of uncomplicated people: but the relationship becomes parasitic when the refusing of a proposition is something a man feels he is being scoffed at by those who instilled religion in him.

Putting aside a gender-normative upbringing we might find it difficult to determine which is male and which, female. One side most likely needs to have mechanical resistance that works as a spring: without this, we are creating jobs for people who don't have the intelligence of a monkey.

Thinking through the connectors I'm familiar with, a pin sticks out at me which seems to have been introduced by people who figured that progress amounts to nothing else than saying that the previous lot were ignorant morons. It also recalls a building designed for the government of South Africa, which the experts agreed aught to have the kind of connector in which the part without the spring has flat sides. But the government had identified the maker of that standard as the enemy.

And everyone else had, too.

Programmers and sysadmins spend their lives checking connections. But those connections include things that work by the copying of packets, flawlessly. There isn't a male and a female in a tcp connection. But servers, which must clone a daemon when it sends SYN+ACK, are confused with the test case, in which we have neither clients nor servers.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. To some, new connector standards are just about adding to a dump for the sake of impatient people.