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Playing a game of pool where the stakes are the matter of taking a girl home, was something that was being done while other citizens were asking to be taught in their home language. HIV was either nonexistent at the time, or hadn't been given its name yet.

We've seen the world through a wall called Sanctions.

I was initially encouraged to leave the country because of the matter of employment, when we came to understand that sanctions had been lifted. A job is how we make ourselves independent which, unless we're taking girls home by playing games with borrowed money, is 'doing the right thing,' all in all.

Unhappiness with the opposite sex is often seen to be a disorder: I have yet to see a remedy that works.

The first vote of universal suffrage--noting that the native reservations were eradicated simulatenously--took the power away from a gentleman's club that had welcomed the ladies in. The truth is that sanctions have still not been lifted: in order to leave the country we have to jump through fiery hoops. The senses told us that the eradication of violence had been made the goal to follow the eradication of legislative distinctions; and the suspicions told us that the snuffing of it out was being done with lubricating compounds.

The Iron Man

The best things in life are free, they say: in other words, don't try to please a woman. If this is true, the most fun I've had is in playing games. But if we stop playing games with distinctions that we're unable to describe to strangers, and recall that going around the block only requires us to pick a direction and stick to it, we might find that few people understand what we're saying, and that they therefore simply wait for a word--such as, dimension--to get us to look at the time. And I haven't completed my thought. But there are startup problems and startup problems, and getting something in my stomach which I have earned well recalls me to distinctions that come to us prepackaged which, unless we choose to eat stalks, get us to choose an oven--the theory of which gives us something to talk about over dinner.

Now, where do we connect the Console?