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When you find out that people are definitely keeping things between each other and from you, the conspiracy of one can only be avoided if you know who are not part of the conspiracy against you. Having had to go through the conspiracy of one scenario, for a logical problem, such that I had to learn to live with it, and my lingering doubts about my identity exist only because I was raised in a gender-normative household so that the seeing to the stomach remains out of character, only my sense of mirth remains tied to his chair within a pta meeting: these have led from one disaster to the next since public schools opened.

My personal gripe with those who had the ear of the authorities was that those of us proud to reduce pollution the obvious way were not only being told to wear bicycle helmets, we were being told that what seatbelts imply supersedes the matter-of-fact: roads are not public spaces. I might go on to suggest that schools teaching children to be patriotic came at the instigation of parents thinking they were doing the right thing for the country, but first we must look at a war in which the two factions of our race took opposing sides.

Some may have fought for Hitler out of sympathy with strict discipline. But Afrikaans does represent a break-away and thus a split in a racial grouping. Some are sure that boys can't, after a war, settle down and be friends. But this is exactly what a peace treaty is about. The reason for the split, twenty years after the war, seem to be about spilt maas.

Those who did not call themselves Afrikaans continued to have sympathy with England and her troubles; and her quest to eliminate destitution. This quest recalls us to lead factories that employed girls to give them an alternative to the easy way of making money. And we forgot about lead-free petrol altogether, didn't we?

That I had guiding angels, who smoked like chimneys, to discourage me from thinking that I could have children and things would sort themselves out, has been a fact I've just had to swallow with my tea; guidance I also received when I was fighting for a way out: if we discover facts we didn't have before we might unwind to when we were describing our perfect match and adopt the attitude of the boys who were being held up as successful in that way.

"Herein we observe the boy in the hedonistic youth phase."

Friends said I aught to feel and not think. I felt that girls were looking at me and assessing my marriage tackle. But after the look came the feeling that I was on the outside of a club. My friends were well meaning: they wanted me to join the club. But the places I used to frequent closed down. I don't know that any of my friends felt their way into a case of rape. My friends weren't rapists, but I heard one of them tell me that a good few girls had told them that 'stop' is short for 'stop bit: I love it'.

Feeling that I could go on and on and on I must ask the question if the places that were closed down long before anyone was talking about a rape culture were nonetheless closed down because of private reports of rape, or because boys with promising futures had found it murderous to complete their qualification?

Yeah, they're watching us, because it's their job. No-one is going to do anything but make sure that they can do a better job, because it's the job of education. Just mind you don't forget who started universal education, or you'll be saddled with endless blame and no credit. It really doesn't matter if people knew the facts and didn't tell you. There are endless reasons why that might be necessary.