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Doing things without thinking is really unavoidable. So it's the adjustments to the plans that leave us looking at the three-score and ten, thinking, 'that's not a whole lot, is it?'

But that's for married people to worry about. I don't know when they invented the gems and minerals that go along with the years and decades, but that's what we think of our kind on the matter of counting. Other kinds are unlikely to have a word for superficial: that's just a hunch.

There are those sayings referring to Beauty and its complement: but that goes along with those who refer to an ongoing War in Heaven.

That's none of my interest, but now I'm going to join those who say that Jesus is a fiction. That's what (some of) those who believe in One Truth, starting from the old testament, say is a possibility, and then find they're being hushed by educators.

Did you know that you can't find the truth without saying, 'well, maybe she didn't like me, after all'?

Now let me try to reconcile a divorced couple. A boy needs a father: that's my conviction. Hopping on a plane we find all our former adamantine convictions left on the ground. So we come back to those ancient stories of boats and rafts being built such that the ground level isn't left.

'I'm not doing that.'

You know I can't say another word, other than this, without what leaves me with nothing to say.

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