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When an illusion crumbles, we might find ourselves looking into the corners instead of the future. Predicting the future is not a matter of science fiction. For example, it would only have required the noting of the distaste with which the word box has been used, to know that the corners would become rounded. But I sit in the corner. The energy of my childhood is a faithful dog that knows better than others the certainty of the tomorrow. But a faithful dog invites us to sit under its favourite star for as long as we can bear it; which brings us no closer to preparing for what inevitably will happen tomorrow.

Part of the reason a parent may refer to what we've said in our childhood is the general expectation of the manner in which we leave it. Talking endlessly about what defines this and what defines that, and the subtle distinction between utility and definition, is what I may expect from the future; for, of the thirteen-thousand-odd days I've lived, the respites have been few from the condition of having to be prepared to define a computer. Looking at utility, first, a computer can play and record sound. Networking only having been introduced to one type of computer after the beginning of time, it may be considered an optional extra. Sending and receiving recordings, some might say, 'phone!'

But this is to make a very big mistake: a phone is not a toy, and telephony is not a game. Speaking to other hobbyists through the internet, we might be able to find the records that verify what we must simply accept as fact in order to be able to eat.

And now I must eat humble pie, for I have identified what isn't a game. To please you I might think of making an app, but as yet I've only managed to identify one that is definitely not a game. Not being one to give up, I'll tackle the matter of how pleasure is to be measured in the meantime. Failing to find objective ground, I can but share my knowledge of certain pleasure obtained by watching others go hither and thither.

For business or pleasure.

The movement of people brings us to look at astronomy for various reasons. To start off with, astronomers give us a nice explanation of how today becomes tomorrow. Heavenly bodies surely follow in order, but I'm still suffering the effects of a meteor strike.

My dear friend--the one who needs an instruction manual to read an instruction manual--may I go back to my corner and forget about the smoke and mirrors?