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Getting caught with my hand in the cookie jar was not something I ever ran the risk of. Firstly, edibles to go with our tea or coffee were called biscuits; secondly, if we had them outside of break-time we were simply adjured not to be greedy; thirdly, we kept things in space-age air-tight containers that, unlike fruit, is not wasted either way if we have self-restraint.

Knowing when to reward myself, in fact, has been a life-long lesson. But if a problem has shown itself as not being a challenge, for it having gone unattended for at least one full generation, and we can think of no effective reward system, all we can do is to tell people who can't help living in the past to leave off telling us what good and bad behaviour is.

A president must respond to those who insist that the feeding of young minds is at least as important as any other problem. But that leaves us with a life-long fight. We might define evil as the love of money, but we then must say that all business is bad business. Certainly we come to realize why scanadalous business practices dwarf any other kind of scandalous behaviour, but to forget how uninteresting money can be to a man whose heart is on what can't be bought, we might come to think we're just being bashed over the head with a bible that doesn't get read.

It's easy to avoid cookies, but now, as you can see, some of us are compelled to sully our websites regardless. But it doesn't bother me. It is only when we must deal with the incurious who stomp around with their dogma and tell us that an ill word does the most harm that we come to say of girls that spoke archly of cookies that if experience is good then more experience is better.

Make love, not war!

All's fair on the internet. This is my war. Thank you for letting me win.