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Ignorance is bliss. I played with my sisters, we played with our cousins, and we didn't think about how many people were doing the same.

We weren't stupid; we came to sense that others were doing things with their brothers, sisters, and cousins, other than playing with them.

We are stupid in thinking that cousins who played together aught to be kept apart from each other, except in ensuring they know what is to be kept for marriage: we undermine ourselves with the knowledge that our ancestors married their cousins with a clear conscience.

And we are stupid in continuing to keep quiet about incest.

People--particularly women--talk about boys who have magical charms whereby hemlines disappear before their very eyes. People--particularly boys--know that experience counts.

Experience works in a number of ways: we assume the women referred to do not value chastity. I know some boys got the wrong idea and began to think that a girl could be both virtuous and yet find herself uncontrollably arranging the details by which she could get a man into her bed.

Boys who figured experience counts, and thought they better start somewhere, weren't willing to consider the possibility that their charming friends had gotten their first experience when all they knew of the world was ceilings and sky.

But experience is a lot of lead into a conversation and amounts to little more than people lying on their backs counting time. There's experience we aught to talk about because it might benefit someone, and experience we can see just about everyone has, because practice of a skill demonstrates that the skill has been acquired somehow or other; and then there's experience people say they have, which the receiver of the information would not like to see demonstrated, and which carries no evidence of the mastery of a skill but that which another may assert.

But, much as I would've loved to have been able to be an example of the principle that we don't need to fuck around, don't need to sow our wild oats, and don't need to make hat-tricks all the time, people use their experience as proving they have greater knowledge of what the important things in life are, what the government is doing wrong, and what sport is really about.

The main thing, with sport, is to pick a team. Just don't pick a team that's too close to home or you might be swearing at someone's cousin.