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The hand that rocks the cradle, is the hand that rules the world: this is not a statement by one rocking the cradle. It is a statement of plain fact.

Like those who talk of witches, there are those who claim that there is an individual already ruling the world behind all we see. Does this mean mothers rule the world?

It is still a man's world. But we have been at each other with sharpened blades called intellectual jealousy for at least the last three generations.

But while we can't claim that intellect operates as something without the somatic, I am just fueling hatred by thereby casting blame for the somatic result called a stroke.

By applying myself to the recollection of personal feelings, it becomes clear that when cradle refers to the womb, this is rocked by forces known, called planets.

And I must add, for what we were taught as the true history of the man who coined the phrase, that busy men are unlikely to have time to look to a future when the original source of his inspiration is stated to have been his worst enemy.