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Knowledge isn't pretty. This should be clear from where it fits on the matter of what comes before and after we first whet our appetite with something that's jolly interesting. When the word object is used to mean literally anything, it can also mean the creator of an object. Proceeding without any imagery is possible, but then we must dumb down our vocabulary and talk of object allocation and initialization.

The theory of creators involves us in the theory of space, which while fascinating only needs to be studied if we have the intention of making things efficient.

Efficiency is not the name of the day: that is all we need to say on the topic.

Security is for important people to think about. If we get promoted to a diplomatic position, all we will expect of the Master of All is that we may check if our name is used elsewhere.

If we must look at machine code, we know that an app has preallocated data which is called global (or static, for local parameters), which we might say includes the object code, but now we're getting into a terminology mess.

I'm really wanting to avoid getting into calling conventions; but I must be the first to make the reference or I might expect to hear that this is the best route out of a mess.