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People often hear talk about cycles in history, but the blame is usually attributed to individuals; which individuals may be men or women without blaming either sex, for we know that both can be pretty nasty when they try.

But we've seen that women give a shot at foregoing the breastfeeding of their children, and then get men to write about why this isn't a good idea, because obviously if a mother says she made a mistake her children will think that they're therefore broken.

Another thing that comes and goes, particularly in times of great industry, is the forgetting about the assigning of credit.

This makes it easy to create a history of Babbages and Ada Lovelaces without mentioning the telegram. The story of the pair may be true, but Babbage lived in the shadow of an eclipse called Jacquet Droz.

And then, seeming to be a nation that only makes sketches, Englishmen begin to feel silly sausages for not being able to name the inventor of the greatest breakthrough in communication technology since writing: what we call digital encoding.

Parliament really did have its hands full: it's no hyperbole to say it was carrying the weight of the world. I think it's a fair guess that four hundred good men who didn't take the credit away from Moses might have begun to think about the eradication of misery.

Thus not thinking how they might come to be perceived by futurity, trifles that any boy could have worked out were available for the future to make war with each other about.

'Teach thy tongue to say I do not know.'

Credit where it is due: but some boys prefer to just give a clue.