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My powers of imagination are very limited.

If we have to stare at a screen all day, we might think about giving ourselves something to look at. A coil is a pretty straightforward thing to produce with Opengl. Tapered at both ends, we might tell ourselves we've created a strand of hair. But then I find myself trying to imagine how such hair feels.

We do something the first time to be sure we know how to do it. But the arrangement of code that amounts to little else than the setting up of transformations involving floats gives us nothing with which to make use of a better knowledge of discrete mathematics.

Naturally when we have a network we have a set of trees, so we might compare a sysadmin to a gardener. Had we not tapered the coil, we might the rather liken it to a hosepipe. A hopepipe is not to be coiled the same way a network cable is. Thus we see what thirty-five years of programming experience combined with a pure maths degree is worth.

If you hear someone calling themself a chick you better look out for a hen. If someone wants something they'll fight for it; which I say in case anyone thinks I'm trying to stop anyone from following in my footsteps. Trouble might come if you feel like you've won but you can't prove that to anyone else.