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A cube is an interesting thing: here, have a cube. I made myself blue trying to solve one of those things with heightened consciousness. My consciousness wasn't actually heightened, but we live in a three-dimensional world, so they say.

In an after-dinner atmosphere, people are apt to talk about time machines. But it's your cube, and if you provide motion to it, your measurement of time. In fact, if you took the cube, you took three values, and might have decided what to name them. It will take more than three more values to describe any which way you may place it.

I am myself within a cube--which is not square, but if we may say something is cubic which is a curve then it doesn't seem to be of any use assuming that all cubes are square. Assuming I am myself a square cube of equivalent volume to whatever my shape must be called, I figure that would be a better way of decorating the house.

I could sit here all day as a cube, I think.