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I don't intend to forget, for no crisis has happened between then and now, that as a business owner one employee of one customer seemed to have the job of cuddling up to all and sundry. Naturally I knew the business owner; naturally I didn't need to ask to know he was doing what everyone else was doing.

At the time I was being asked to help with the routing of a video conferencing protocol that was supposedly a standard. The GNU-Linux queueing discipline facility brings us to contemplate tree structures. But while its routing is incomparable, there are fifteen tables which go to make up what is called a firewall, any number of routing tables, as well as policy routing, or ip rules; and traffic shaping brings us to more lists. In other words, if you're a programmer, you'd rather be able to build the routing decisions in code; but, ironically, though the Theory of routing was written before computers, practical routing in practical kernels involves countless nuances that we tend to forget.

And, though you're likely the only one who can interpret all those lists, responsibility cannot quite fall on your shoulders.

But in terms of over which others may look I never impressed anyone with the setup of a router: it's just a job I can't refuse, considering my attitude towards GNU.

On the matter of other things that bear recording about the city in which I live, the matter of haircuts seems to be assigned to a different world than the political one. And the money spent on shopping centres doesn't seem to raise an eyelid. That's what happen when none of the citizens walk: what was a green-belt is now occupied by squatters, so the shopping centre just raises its walls.

Someone tell me this is a fucking joke.

Have I mentioned the attitude that parking attendants have towards motorcyclists?

There was one who was different. But that was in another town. That was in an individually stylized arcade of shops. Ja, swaer, not much has changed for the better.