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Cursors are often used metaphorically, but when we think we've got the general idea we prefer to discuss grown-up things like matrices.

There are those who claim that matrices don't exist, but this might come about from their not being able to see one for the boob. Having to work in a world that insists that what makes something pornographic is clearly defined, I'm inclined to tell people to fuck themselves with their gender-biases. Portraits that we call art most often highlight gender; and few portraits are made wherein the object is not both a willing participant and a co-creator. To any kind of artist, then, udders are low-hanging fruit.

Comparing what could easily be a milk-maid to that which might easily be what the maid milked, we find sympathy with the proletariat. Love is so easy when we're walking from here to there and back again, endlessly. The leader of a country of strict equality of class must see his citizens as so many differently shaped characters. To keep things simple, the same space might be provided for the wide ones as for the thin ones; the country as a whole can be judged by looking at a single neighbourhood. One particular neighbourhood is the chosen one in which the dictator expresses his creativity: herein people are moved in and out on his whim.

When the country we speak of was founded, the dictator only knew how to send characters to the neighbourhood of expression; and they were added to the last row. Overflow happened automatically: the top row moved out and the rows were shifted up one to provide an empty row. But before it was quite decided whether to provision the new row as soon as the second-last was full, or only when a new character was sent that had no-where to go (which has much to do with the depiction of the cursor), the dictator decided he wanted to draw boxes.

Up to this time there was a stream of characters being sent to the neighbourhood. This included some which did not get assigned a dwelling, but if I have to explain what the thirteenth character I'll end up overwriting more committee art.

Drawing boxes was easily arranged, because there were already box-drawing characters in the land, and the stream was already full duplex, so the assistants of the dictator only needed to ensure that they were kept up to date with the dimensions of the neighbourhood. But then the assistants were told to remove a box they had drawn, so they were forced to rack their brains to remember which characters had been vacated; and they just gave Curses to each other for not being able to stand up against capricious leadership.

Not all competition is good. Competition on the matter of the capriciousness of the leadership, for example, would lead to the situation of there being hundreds of different terminal types, though in comparison we find we're comparing garments to be found in a wardrobe on the matter of how effectively they prevent a pornographic display.

This is an old problem we get saddled with if we don't believe numbers become magical when they're entered into a computer; and, like many such problems, brings us to a time that we can't adequately recall, for having been sheltered from the difficulties of living without magic. Things working like magic and things requiring magicians to keep on their feet provides a good description of the difference between analogy and metaphor.