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The greatest common divisor is how we determine if two numbers are chaotic to each other. The greatest common multiple is how we divide those from us who are looking for uses for the word overcountable. If we're not feeling ourselves, we should find someone else to feel, but this can leave us feeling alone, if we're really good at impersonation.

Rush! Rush! Rush! Where does the rush come from?

The status quo means we must work or accept charity. My most favoured possessions have come to me at no charge. One of them--or a few of them, depending on how you count--gets me thinking about algorithms. Numeric algorithms suitable for use with pencil and paper--by which we include algebraic algorithms--are not necessarily suitable for a machine. That is, algorithmic research has a new beginning. Coincidentally, this new beginning coincides with historic events.

The coincidence of algorithmic research having a new beginning, and historic events which allows the new beginning to be entirely free of half-forgotten values, may not be pure. But writing about algorithms is an abomination.

On the other hand, a trim algorithm is neither fat nor thin. Depressing space is unavoidable. If this seems to be leading into a cypher, it is in fact leading out of one. Stopping to look at the various ways nought can be represented, and the various ways nothing can, I find myself trailing off into it; which is just where I want to be.