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Sitting in my chair with my tom-cat, Leroy, on my lap, listening to the rain, and the croaking things, and the screeching things, I had the perfect accompaniment to that which I most enjoyed to do.

I was ever looking for cogitative material.

The thought of marriage had been solved as soon as begun: minus religion it is merely a ceremony; that is, if I met someone I wanted to marry we'd have to figure out how to do it.

Others had discussed the ceremony until we were blue about it. There was not a reason for newlyweds to be alone on their wedding night, so why would that part of the ceremony be kept?

It did seem to me that I aught to have something better to do with my time than just think, but even if we are to attempt to better ourselves we need to sit and think until we learn to just sit, and then learn to sometimes sits and thinks and sometimes just sits.

A thought that might occur to a thinker is that working around the stresses that come about from playing, for example, a game of squash by oneself is easier done by foregoing the activity and choosing the rather to be less fit.

A thinker who's comfortable with workarounds, might consider himself patient enough to wait for the kind of marriage that others were crying was already obsolete; that is, that he'd meet a girl who didn't instantly demand proof that he knew the difference between cartilage, muscle, and bone.

Unless we are a couple of doctors, such proof isn't easy: for an example of bone we're going to have to touch skin. Such activity the best kind of family planning clinics advise against, for there is such a thing as a vector of no return.

This would leave two non-doctors the less certain about three simple words with syllables to the count of one, two, and three. And going from these words, examples of which are all around, they might look up, and wonder what will happen if they punch a hole in it.

If it's always been a bit leaky, will not the floods engulf us?

Such might be the response of two innocents, two the thought of sending a rocket beyond the clouds. Until the Moon has been landed on, they could never be sure that such an unusual experiment would not forever destroy what to them is a perfect paradise.

We certainly can destroy all life on earth.

We know that it has happened before.

We do not know that it has only happened once.

But don't despair!

For just because.