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The question of whether I should be writing everything down gets me doing things abstractedly.

That's a 'quite abstractedly,' but remember that not all the readers consider English their mother tongue.

Writing something down, then, at least gets 'the tongue' not leaving dots all over the place, daring me [sic] to do that thing we did as children.

That shows me the indispensability of older sisters.

It's awkward to call 'a circumstance,' indispensable. It's more awkward to find a way out of awkwardness. Making voices, which to describe will require me to 'find one,' is a reminder of an idyllic life.

There are those who will say, 'what's not,' and then I have to say the word 'friend' - and then we find we've 'befriended' a comparitor.

'Go home!'

Those 'working with the natives' are likely to know we've had just as much trouble, if not more, from those of our kind. At this we need to curse the mother country: the 'debtor's prison' was the best it could do.

So there's an example of why I no longer allow abstractedness to lead me to occupations. Continuous supplies depend on everyone hearing 'criminal' and thinking of what is their own, and once you've done that you look at your parents and start taxing them about their curious dealings that don't seem to follow any method.

Let me explain to you how I bring things to an end: I recall myself to the moment (or moments) of starting.

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