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I've now invented a new state for myself: devoced. It has been bothersome to think of myself as a bachelor-in-waiting. A devoced man hears of men who get married in later life and just thinks, ag shame. Boys who can look after themselves have a duty, in my opinion, to proudly assert they don't need no stinking girl bossing them around. But we can nonetheless affect each other.

A devoced man might yet think that there's one woman whose hold on him is such that he'll take to offending his own family, when it comes to expressing what he thinks she'd say.

Why do men take all the credit? Because girls can't help doing this to boys.

If you are a man who finds that pretending was out of the question, you'll know what I mean about having your presence of mind taken from you. You'll know about arguments in your head that seemingly have nothing to do with you: the stuff that girls argued about and then got ashamed about it.

The school-girls around here are rough: ripping each other's hair out over a boy. Two of us politically sensitive boys stopped but found we couldn't do a thing about the fight. One girl was the sister. Racial differences were involved. But before I underline that again, let me close this off so as to give some closure on the matter of a brother declaring himself married and divorced, until he looked in the mirror, and stared and stared and stared until he could discern a something which could make up names to solve a broken computer problem.