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The stories about India always start with what has to be seen to be believed.

My sources of information, which came from those I trusted, brought me to took about Optical Illusions--which is where we pull out a ruler--and then led me to look at what has been printed, throughout the centuries, as the truth: and so we start with fish falling from the sky.

I got rid of my copy of 'Mysteries of the Unexplained' when I found it was leading us to question carbon dating: 'new wine' is one thing, but 'new oil' is just fucking ridiculous.

The age of diamonds is something we are hard-pressed to leave alone.

A stone that is pure will not contain any of what is datable. The text that comes with the stone, we know, has been dezitigid. Our thoughts should be on a short leash about gnizitigid.

Saying 'million' and calling it a unit is only surmounted in stupidity by saying 'billion' and calling it a unit: scripters get away with their antics because they are quite sure that what is going to be read will be heard by millions, if not billions, of people, who are quite sure they know what is more valuable than diamonds. But ask your wife if she'll be willing to have her stone submitted for spectrum analysis.

The givers of the gifts that allowed me to perfectly addle another, as I found I had to think about Infinite time if I was going to take anything seriously, were those who also reminded us to listen to the ringing in the ears, and call it the music of the stars; and those who described the Perfect Marriage as what involved the being painstakingly annoying to each other.

And once comfortably ensconced in the rearranged living-room that required everyone to wear seatbelts to recount to the grandchildren the true stories that got edited into oblivion because responsible parents thought that it wouldn't do to let their children hear about the girl who put a serving spoon of glue into her mouth.

Finding I had been given stories by one who didn't play Father Christmas before they had been published by another, I thought, 'now there's a funny thing!'

But, this time, we won't be talking about 'racial memory' before we talk about the habit of referring to an author's first peachy scribblings and calling all that followed a result of disappointment.

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