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The 'not objectifying' now needs to be mentioned. It's possible to demonstrate global progress in any number of ways. It's possible to talk about what pulls our childhood to pieces, and leaves us with nothing, with any kind of emotion.

But it's possible to convince yourself that progress is being made, when it is only a matter of machines making themselves better. This brings us back to 'progress with motorbikes' which some of us are reluctant to embrace, for the matter of things being either too big or too small.

But a bike designed in the nineties offers a perfect contradiction to those who said that computers were the reason that silver tea-trays were no longer being sought.

The fact is, I made a tea-tray at school. And it got used. So now we're looking at the primary school. And, of course, it was the teachers' names that were rung throughout the village which became a 'project area' - but the teachers that are remembered--and sorry for being sexist--are or were all women.

The teacher who helped us with woodwork, who may be an exception on the sex, somehow managed to find pine that wasn't somewhat worse than paw-paw wood.

I wouldn't know what paw-paw wood would not be good for, but I gather it could not do a better job than the pine available locally.

The base of the tray was Masonite: I will have to mention Masonry, but I'm pretty sure I wasn't actually chiselled out of stone.

We used to be given words for different kinds of plastic. And we met with obstinate denial when we said 'that's just plastic.'

Now I'm trying to draw together what got pulled apart. There's no weight in it. I don't consider that a bad thing, simply because childhood memories have always been thus, unless discussed with the folks.

Objects, you must know, show the pieces of me.

So now you know what you can do with your bicycles in Berlin.

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