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The best idea is to sleep on it. The best way to have good sleep is to have good exercise, is it not?

Doing the simple thing with backups we might find we're getting copies to look at each other, and us, with the unasked question in the space before the magic, 'is this not being done somewhat exorbitantly?'

Doing most of our work in Git, we know the only thing to backup, besides what comes free with push-me, pull-you, is what goes to make a dirty tree. Being a late starter, I'm the turd.

Whale-song is what we hear about other people's lives, who share too much with those they meet casually. The matter--in this case meaning the response to the question, 'what is the matter with that?'--is in the 'bits and pieces' that get taken away. Now, I'm rather doubtful I'll be able to get a backup of only what hasn't been committed, without getting my hands dirty.

It doesn't matter if someone posted the instructions somewhere: there's a reason we like packages.

Well. My hesitation to simply do a last commit turns out to be the assurance that I'll be quite incapable of doing anything more. And I'm almost sure that Captain Fitzmarshall, besides being able to do a better job of stringing together patronizing unintelligible garbage, is going to ask me to identify Job Trotter amongst a crowd.

What can we say but, life's a gamble?

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