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The economy is something happening to us. When we see the word to, we invert it to the word by, those animals who are something like me that is, and look for a causer. And then we wish we hadn't.

My parser is fucked.

It is to be believed that when people get married they become at odds with their parents. A marriage, to those who believe it is for life, and therefore put their own personality to the back of their mind, is a thing. This means married people are not the equal of unmarried people.

And married people are not the equal of divorced people.

It might make us seem terrifically indecisive if one moment we're raving about the drakensberg and the next we're telling South Africa to suck eggs. But, my disruptive economy leaders, you have an archive tool and I have Git.

Who's for Brazil?

Some complain of relativistic currency. So why not choose an economy of absolutists?

I wonder if I can make money anti-parsing or if it will be the hidden costs of free internet everywhere I go?