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Watching a real time operating system boot, again, as it scans and repairs a drive, because fsck is either too hard to remember, or inappropriate for a generation who learns about double meanings in secondary school, I recall that to some people it is meditation to look at boot-time animations. Thus I come to recall the first app that I might have shared with friends had I not found myself in a situation that GPL spells out for us. So my friends will just chuckle at me.

Maybe they won't: we were in the same boat, which boat got partitioned, and then in twain did it split without our ken. Screensavers had to be carefully designed so as not to increase the energy consumption of the computer. This wasn't a measured consumption: programmers were allowed to use their instincts. But then, it seems, somewhere along the line micro-saving of energy got wedged into the throw-away culture. Then we were all wedged into conversations in which wasted people told us that at least they had made a start.

Not thinking that raising a son who doesn't look away from dumps to be a good enough start, and thus taxing his patience with people who say that 'those guys' just want entertainment and therefore we must just watch 'them' entertaining themselves with fictional histories which give them the right to add to a dump because they didn't start it. And pray for outside interference, while telling a man not of their culture that he aught to see to his appearance.

Perhaps I am looking for a bit of support from my old friends. But they might have to accept that they looked the other way when I needed someone to talk to. For now, then, all I need to know is that a handful of people aren't thinking up dirty words to use for one who gave up a wholesome job, by which he could claim that he was setting an example for future generations of the country.

In dim distant days, when I sought employment simply because that was the done thing, I had taught myself not to say fuck. I'm not sure where the corrupters were, or if it was merely my own corrupt heart that reintroduced it into my vocabulary. Part of the reason I had restrained myself from using shitty words was that anger appeared to be wasted energy.

It also seemed to be wasted energy to claim that our culture was a culture apart from Americanism.

"Our cars aren't cars, they're limousines."

But the influence from one American race to that which is supposed to be the same race in this country, was plainly transparent, and plainly a case of corruption. In light of this, some amongst us have held onto the roots of the culture that is not our own, and ever talked of its good aspects.

There was a word we used in primary school to describe people who make a noise so as to get us to look at them: the word was not an English one. The assumption is that the other culture knows that this is something to deal with, not encourage.

Racism got out of hand as we reached adulthood. In hindsight it still seems we had to pick sides in ignorance, for there were a great many people of other races who were chucking their own culture into the dump and joining what they claimed to be ours. And a great many of our culture, racist or not, were going along.

No, my good sir, those people are Americans.

Not all Americans are bad. Obviously. The best comment I received about the average American was from an American, which I've treasured for decades: "Americans think they defecate gold."

This sentiment was echoed and highlighted by another that I discovered some years back. It came as an admonition that the average American represents the one percent. The article was posted on a site which is not one of single authorship, but I suggest you look for it: it's a good exercise to know how the internet relates to information.

I had to beat a hasty retreat from a position I was holding, because bread's a tasty treat but yeast can be a mental block. And parents come in between friends; and they yet do, because a parent will insist that I don't know what school is like now. But few people who are parents now behaved like I did at school. Not by any means was it my opinion that the having to go to school was a good reason for people to think twice about having children.

What comes after school, children?

Coming to think that the only job you'll be able to get amounts to digging holes and filling them in again, with the only reward of that of becoming a husband, and then a father; and finding that boys around you are being held up to show you that this is just the way it is--your childhood is spent and now you must do adult things--this, then, might be a cause for a person to revolt against nature.

But it seems melodramatic to say it now. I say it because we all have a tendency to forget. Suicides are ever brought into the conversation by those wanting to wash their hands of having joined the puddle within what is called our culture in which the looking for attention is considered harmless fun.

The words we use for such people vary as our moods vary: a dumb-fuck today is a piece-of-shit tomorrow.

Or a web-logger next week.

So why are you still reading?