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I prefer it if people speak to me in plain English. Naturally we know that communication transcends words; we know of those who live their lives with the goal of achieving transcendent communication.

We thank them for the pointer.

We know of stories, which no-one ever doubted the veracity of, in which, for example, a mother and daughter had a non-verbal kind of communication that, if not merely amounting to making guesses, would mean that instant messaging, for them, would only serve to send each other pretty pictures.

If true, such a pair would naturally be very cagey about it because there is the strong likelihood that someone will throw in the word occult.

The occult is that which is secret.

That which is secret is that which is a conspiracy.

They are proud! They are there! They are square!

That's why sed's necessary!

If anything in computing is to be likened to the occult, regular expressions is it.

I must call it a thing. But implementors can't help finding that the one thing they're not finding is solid ground.

We're not allowed to refer to a crisis in the education system without naming a range of numbers. Language is considered research that has a place in the public pocket. But first we need to get ourselves a tenure.

Not being the one who put the microcomputer industry on solid ground, and this not being the days when a contribution to what was considered its competition can procure such a life of leisure, I'm left to think that language research is a personal matter of research which, in order for such research not to be reliant on temperamental technology, relies on at least one instance of a concrete noun of three syllables and one silent syllable. For the matter of our powers of recollection is, if a matter of research, only one which works against us. Which is why, whenever we think of any American that is held up as a counterexample to the general trend, we now show them a Moon Ticket, and tell them to meditate, with or without beer, until the song of the birds is something they can in all conscience tell their children is all they have to live for.

Then maybe Aunt Jemimah will give programmers time to knock out the quick-fixes that rely on incomprehensible, non-standardizable curses.