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Predicting doom, the grass grows, the paint flakes, and the dust settles; but, if the sun's shining, I can recall that after being pushed through school and university, I only ask for worry if I don't just sit in the sun.

It would be nice to get recognition for achieving some kind of break-through that would bring users to GNU but the realistic goals are unachievable by definition.

Games like Doom, which were allowed to work as a secret that the programmer kept to himself, are the ones that got people excited about realism. But can we not be a little imaginative and replace the people with robots?

Here's an idea: how about we pretend that mining the planets is as simple as building bases that can be run by robots? Sound decent so far? So as not to interfere with those who take the games away from us, let me leave this as a riddle.

Before I start taking a descent.