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I grew up not daring to suggest that girls were any different from boys. Looking at a crowd asking him to explain how girls and boys are different, a boy might find himself at a loss of experience on the matter of where they certainly differ. If he accidentally lets slip a word like sin he, in some rare situations, might hear about certain types of boys, in front of whom hemlines simply vanish, so that none can suggest they had a will to sin.

I note here, simply on account of a rebellious nature and not that it has any relevance, that a vector and a will are indistinguishable.

But no matter; at a respectable dinner conversation a tongue-tied boy can rest assured that, at worst, someone might refer to garments worn only by women, but most likely his more sensitive relatives will introduce the topic of the races who are irresponsible by not considering a child's education when they find themselves in a situation in which the comparing of garments is an activity they'd particularly like to do, by placing them in a heap on the floor.

"Let's think about where babies come from, afterwards."