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The drakensberg carries many memories for me. I was baptized in the berg before Christianity became as relevant as to whether the Moon landing was fake or not.

No doubt the range can be seen from a satellite that no-one wanted.

For one who has placed himself in the pockets of the breweries, the stars are too close at any time of day or night.

And farm roads, as fun as they can be, make the beers all fizzy.

In truth, which is to say, breaking my vow of only saying things with a forked tongue, the range is associated with patriotism.

In truth my friends and I universally made unholy compromises to stop the discomfiture that comes of knowing that here we are with modern technology which could get us into orbit if it wasn't easier to fake it.

If there are exceptions to this universal fact, I insist that you bring it to my door.

In chains, if necessary.