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I struggled with creative writing. Naturally there is the matter of the if. But scenes at times involuntarily form themselves, with myself as a boy who, for example, sat and fortified his home with answers to all the troubling questions people asked. This done, he went looking for more.

But then someone told him that Atlantis had a self-destruct button. This, while giving him lots to think about, interfered with his sanguine expectations of his personal future. It seemed likely he would have to disappoint his mother by telling her that the sanguine hopes that her instruction carried, about him keeping from sin, had been proved to be vain ones.

Him, not being capable of living in hope, and not being one to be secretive about the remedies that some are led to make use of, saw that he himself would blemish his mother's character by becoming a confessed sinner.

Time passed: in fact, many years. He often talked to people about stones he had seen in a book, shaped by unknown artifice--which is a word used by people who don't know how to move with the times, to describe magical technology.

Besides a few wife-beaters, the only people he met thought that work was about wiggling the joystick-mouse and bashing the key-buttons, and that the Ark was where we sent the old keyboards and mouse-joysticks. In any events, they said, people are paid to give us this information so we don't need to think about it.

Eventually his own senses answered the question, which was the answer he had been given as a child: the ways of men were wicked.

His new friends didn't like him much. They had come, all by themselves, without any help from any adult whatsoever, to the conclusion that religion is about married couples who either don't sleep in the same bed, or do so out of resignation (because they can't afford to have two houses).

"Behold, Harold," they said. "seeth thou that with two in one household, refrigeration useth less energy?"

But he showed them a 302 and went on to explain document trees.

"Well," he said to a figment of his imagination, "it's just you and me now."