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It's most frustrating to discover hidden errors in that which is dependent on you. It was what we call a double-fault. Putting a description of the problem into text, we know we must finish with one or the other error. Saying, 'my error,' to keep it simple, we need to correct someone else's work. Using the advice of speaking plainly, we would say, 'I picked up an error in your work which went unnoticed because an error in my work meant that your error didn't affect the result.' As we are not dealing with accountants who know about such kinds of errors, in effect we're asking someone to fix something that wasn't broken. Now, why are we such busybodies?

Accountants jumped on the opportunity that computerization presented, and it was not theirs to worry about the fact that, by and large, it would be assumed that double-faults had become a thing of the past. In truth it is easier to fix someone else's work than to explain what one is, but this creates a triple-fault.

The surface of an egg-shell has a double-meaning. How do we put a filesystem inside a casserole dish? Is this Classical knowledge?

I'm afraid I'm going to have to leave this half-chopped onion and return to Classical artificial intelligence advice.