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I once knew a boy who brought all talk to that of his own misery. He had a point to make about pseudo-intellectuals, and I don't accuse him of being one.

Naturally I had to give up on him. We like to help people who cross our paths, but then we might find ourselves wondering if we didn't see a second instance of the word cross just now.

This is all long in the past, but at times we find that people can record the feeling of an insult, and repeat it at the mention of a person's name. Some people treat insults as water off a duck's back, and for the sake of keeping things together will insist that no offence was taken.

The stuck record is that one person handled another person so well and I should be more like the first.

Some solutions are so easy to describe we don't bother with a reference implementation.

I know I can't resist the temptation to fire off a dozen emails and then try to prioritize my requests to make it a baker's dozen, and what happened to the cream, and I don't like those things they substitute for cherries, and it's my fucking tray and no, I will not go and buy a new one.

And yes, GPS is a pointy stick, which reminds me of an immigrant serving wench, and distinctions, such as that between code and data, which none but programmers give a fuck about.

And people who're waiting to get a word in edge-wise.

In the meantime we advise them to click on links at random and look at moving pictures.