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The motivation to perfect something is something we can't ignore; that is, we want to have something we can call perfect, of which we have more than a scratch. But our imagination keeps taking us into other worlds, trying to determine if people are good or evil. The ones that come to mind are certainly poorly and upper-middle class; and while they know how to work as a team, their meaning of that word precludes the word man-power.

If you take a boy and tell him he is one no longer, what do you have?

This isn't really our problem as the only respect is self-respect. Some might respect a person who is not a boy by calling him a gentleman, but this doesn't give him much to do with what makes him different from a lady.

It may simply be a matter of how people differ in that some people need to earn their own self-respect.

This done they may take to wondering how other people don't feel the need to take risks in which failure is not about equipment. But they may also wonder at those who feel the need to live their lives as a game of risk.

If we need to scale and translate we need to look at the word rapture as this was called the translation. What we actually saw was boys who got the word boy taken from them, and then told that they weren't hairy enough, or found that all they got in return for thus becoming something in between girl and boy was their own hair. It's much the same, isn't it?

But I found this well-deserved end for non-Christian boys was not of any use to think about. I, at least, had skills. Perhaps my fellow non-Christians had visions of a future involving their working so as to pay for pills and comforting words. But I gather some of them managed to wangle a pretty good deal; I got to avoid the pills, and got comforting words for free.

Or for nothing. I don't know why the phrase, for free, is so particularly annoying to some. It would be nice to know if particularly annoyed grammarians throw in a comment about GPL with this grammatical advice that is given as a gift to free a mistaken child from the bondage of ignorance, or, for to make it free.

My imagination giving me a hint or two that freeing myself to continue the preoccupation that led to this outburst, which has the mitigating factor of it being given as a gift to everyone equally, is likely going to take more outbursts, so I'm going to float this one and not worry too much about error factors.

Which are not to be confused with error values.