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A person who insists that guis revolutionized computers can be of the kind of person who wants to play with an etch-a-sketch, but isn't bold enough to play with it in the open.

Some etch-a-sketch apps we have to take very seriously, and the smile we might have had when we first looked at people who didn't see, has been worn away as every year we try something new to enlighten those who are keeping their purses as wide open as pairs of dividers that go all the way.

I didn't heed a suggestion to publish something on a website, a long time ago: only time will tell--the same time that will be needed, but hopefully not the same duration I've had to tell feelings that they might as well remain unheeded--if the consequences of that omission, besides giving me something more to write about, are forgivable; to determine if the chance readers I have of this website, for whom the print isn't too fine, are chickens or hens, or just spiders. Or things with no heart at all.

A country is not the people within it. Finding that the average South African is racist and proud of it, and losing hope that this country will have anything to offer someone who has emigrated, as justification to return, within my lifetime, this was all I could say to myself when someone of my kind swore about someone of another, without knowing a single thing about what brought our kind here.

And even this last fact can justify racism.

But this makes South Africa an ideal study in terms of experiments which isolated men by means of their jealousy. Don't turn to the internet to find out about these experiments. They've been done by people who use other communication channels, who only ever look at the internet when they think they're being monitored. People, for example, who broach the topic of gender confusion after talking about a woman's dress in the abstract.

Napoleon Bonaparte was not the kind of man who needed to be told what a pink dress meant. To assume that his soldiers let peasant girls keep themselves chaste, in accordance with their religion, is to construct a fantasy world in which things don't filter down from the top.

Knowing that a drop of acid on the top might show us that underneath lies silver, and finding just how much fun it is to play with my toys in the open, I'll publish this sketch of personal history while I think about a recipe for more.