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Now, when do I return to the pretty thoughts? I can be sure that some will tell me that I'm thinking negatively instead of building up my confidence, but my suspicion is that those are the same who trap us on the matter of proof, and the same tattered thoughts of those who consider clothing to be technology.

The important thing is to think what you fucking like.

If you're wanting to know who's to blame you're looking at those responsible for the Harem upgrades, and as the first and last thing is to control the passions, they don't have time to ask themselves if--or if not--they have any guilt.

Ah yes! You pull something out and then you see if it sits.

And then someone says 'that's gross.'

And you say, besides, 'how would you know, and what does it matter to you anyhow,' that's life, meaning that's a principle.

But we'll call it the void-former.

With just a flick of my wrist I can start my own world, and you tell me that's not a delusion. Before I go and look for meaning you can't see, I must drop the idea that led to Copernicus. Fixing and perfecting are two different things, even though some might say otherwise.

Maybe I'll just have to feel pretty, and use that as a guide on the matter of sleep and rest.

What's prettier than a beard that can't grow any more?

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