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Fences will have to do. There are two kinds of birds upon a wire: those that are happy, and those that are not. Kicking things off, palings shows us what some may call a template, but we prefer to refer to as a dummy.

The numbering of the slats (or rails), some (a distinct set) will prefer not to bother themselves about: particularly those who see numbers and look for an authority. We aren't, in fact, needing to number things, but, believe it or not, we nonetheless are keeping tallies.

And at present we're unsure if unsigned isn't mostly a matter of creating confusion: this has to do with the implication of semantics that are transparent. It's better to assume that no semantics are transparent.

What always needs careful handling are the inequalities. These are called strict and weak, but the or in 'or equal to' is more suitable.

'Off by one' is an apt description, but then we hear the refrain 'lives depending on it.'

And that leaves us fucking around with sign-boards, while 'engineers' are revolutionizing technology with 'fly-by-wire' - do you care about the control systems in an aircraft?

Do you get to make decisions on the matter of aircraft quality? Well, darling of the millennials? Is it enough to withhold yourself from starting a new generation until you've seen your way to tolerating things at least to your three-score-and-ten?

I don't have any examples to hold up for you: the only one I might have had picked some hobo when waiting became too much of a chore.

All the best on doing a better job.

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