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If you find the breath's been knocked out of you, you might have to take up smoking: just remember the films aired on public television that the parents had to pretend didn't surprise them at all.

The labels lag, and that makes me sad: 'one day,' a person new to it might say, 'changing these will be simply a matter of changing it in the definition.'

I'm not sure I'm doing the right thing: but I do know what of culture isn't respected. Calling ourselves this or calling ourselves that only creates another lagging-label problem; so let me go back to 'wind tunnel.'

Trying to 'pull that off the line' would be identical to doing the like with 'vacuum' - so, then, what was the idea of changing things?

This does suggest labels aught to lag: what I'm presently looking at is what came to me as a matter of thinking about property in terms of the Old Testament. Correct me if I'm wrong, but the Pogroms and the Inquisition and bloodthirsty Kings and Queens are hardly to be divorced from the Bloody Assizes, are they?

The fact that we call our numerals Arabic means that we have given our heart on a platter to what this very day, our best information assures us, would exterminate every last Jew without blinking.

None of this has fuck all to do with tv: but which of the mentioned enemies didn't watch 'the amazing grace,' for instance?

Forgive my autocorrect. I think I should zip it. Supposedly options come before preferences: and presets come before those; and the hard-coded facts of life show a programmer who doesn't know how to blow a bubble-gum bubble.

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