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Remembering that some people don't like it when what you say has two meanings and you won't or can't say which is the correct one, and that distance has at least two meanings, whether we like it or not, I recall a wise guy from a far-away place who dropped a pearl of wisdom on me.

Remember three things in life: fast food, fast cars, and fast women.

Besides the off-shoot of what most boys our age used the internet for, I certainly did learn just how fast some women are: in spite of the bounds that were being taken in terms of computer speed and internet speed, I hardly heard one who didn't complain how slow the internet is, or her computer is.

Thus, while I hadn't experience enough to debate with this man the average velocity of girls, or if it is not a multidimensional rate, or if he was talking about the speed with which a girl or a woman can make a guess that makes the computer unnecessary, and I had parked the idea that his reference to fast women had something to do with girls who like boys with fast cars, I came to realize this boy had shared the truth with me, plain and simple.

Fast cars in a country full of potholes: not a good idea.

Fast food: cook it yourself.

Fast women: can't avoid them.