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Unless it's for me to look for words to describe necessary inaction, we need to remember the cracking of eggs in deep space with a feather. When we find ourselves staring at 'what was' that was known to be no gamble, it's hard to find the beginning that was nothing but friendliness.

Am I speaking with a forked tongue? I ask you!

We got out of bed on the beat of not being able to rest while there's anything we can't do. This is a matter of qualification, and an unfriendly culture that surrounds us, thereabouts. Our sympathies have at times been with those who bludgeon things to get them to work, but the ignorance that goes along with 'brute force' is unnecessary: this is why we talked about the old days of blacksmiths.

But I'm deeply mistaken if respect we've earned wears away simply because we go on accumulating years to our age.

Some things cannot be done with finesse: does that meet with the pride we aught to take in our work?

The friendly feelings for what was like an empire began when that empire would've looked at GNU and said, 'that's cool, but you will not have the requisite support channels, that are required if you think you'll be any competition to us, before signed-time overflow.'

Beyond the overflow, the numbers can't be spoken. Unless everyone's writing this down, to show to their infant children as soon as they can read, there will be a fuss made over this overflow. The numbers that show us our age are numbers we struggle not to make war with.

After those friendly feelings, things started happening that we couldn't see. Showing you something unsightly is not my intention, here. Believing something is perfect because of where it came from is at the heart of the matter.

So we've got a lot of adapting to do. I'm not trying to stir you to action; but if I've managed to get you to see action that's to be taken, by no means do I expect you to wait for me to do something.

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