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In the beginning was init, which is the process that works hand-in-hand with the kernel. The introduction of a kernel to microcomputers had been phased in over ten or fifteen years: to this day there will be those who either consider init obsolete, or insist that it aught to be called something else so as to be inclusive of New Technology. Files are stored in a filesystem: that is a definition, not a matter of choice. Relations bring us to looking at dimensions, at which it becomes difficult to isolate one thing from another, let alone decide who owns what. Ownership of a file devolves to the owner of a filesystem: thus simplicity.

Code is data, and the code that gives us filesystems is itself stored in files: thus poetry.

Possessiveness is something that is instilled in us simultaneously with getting us to look after our toys. Attempting to inspire future generations, when words seem unnecessary, sometimes requires us to treat 'you lost me' as equivalent to 'shut the fuck up'. Looking for inspiration to go on in what has been written, we find the question, 'why make language a science?' asked to us across ten or eleven billion seconds. Smashing out our complaints and then editing the bits where our passion gets the better of us, we recall that Focus can be dealt with by mutual agreement, and this brings us to looking at the first of drivers.

The old adage of what to do when we fail brings us to the matter of what to do at home-time.

Such a closeted upbringing!