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The Ultimate Fairytale : A short history of Greece, Rome, Israel, England, France, and Germany.

Plasma is the science of fire.

So, too, is nuclear physics, which is about matter and energy. Quantum physics has this upside-down; which might be the right way round. Don't ask me!

But we are practical people, not scientists. We are going to strike match, make a God-almighty fire, and burn all time-machines, nuclear bombs (not that way), and plasma screens.

Around this camp-fire of ours, we will discuss matter and energy (do bring your masks).

But we now find ourselves discussing the universe. As this camp-fire is merely in my head, I am doing all your thinking for you.

But I am not a scientist: am I allowed to think about the universe?

If not, I'll have to throw myself into the fire.

01 Thinking about the universe, we think about aliens. Not having met any, I cannot offer my opinion on their existence (and does it matter?).

10 Thinking about the world as an alien, we must think about souls.

11 Thinking about the world as myself, I think, 'this is not turning!', and then, 'hey, I can make it turn!': this must be all mine!

Looking at myself in the mirror, I think, 'who is that soul?'

I don't feel the need to be told that I am more than matter and energy.

But I won't have a scientist tell me that they know everything about me without talking to me.

As to others, what are you doing on my planet?

Oh all right: you can stay. Just don't walk on the grass with shoes!

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