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Talk about the colour taken from your life!

We remind ourselves that we're 'not much different' from others, but others have their 'mates,' which word we think we know why they use. Writing commitment, I do for the sake of reminding myself about stopping myself. The space we make for a friend can be used by just about anything.

Sitting down in front of a screen that doesn't have a bulge in the middle, we need to ask ourselves if we must work the stomach muscles when we tell others of its flatness. These we have now are obviously taken for granted to be at least as flat as a pond on a still day, for example.


Finding I have to slow myself down--assumingly the children are having difficulty getting a fucking clue--I'll have to leave off while returning to preparatory work. Having brought myself thus far on the matter of friends, it goes without saying, but let me say it, that my compositions have all been with them in mind: the references to tragedies elsewhere have been a matter of shaking those who didn't know me at my best.

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