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Let me reiterate that: I am not going to a fucking teacher's college in order for your children to have the priviledge of learning from me. Bringing the facts together is what writing is about: but logic was turned into something cryptic. Talking things through helps, but people stop you when they see ugly truths.

If a person says to you, 'that's just us,' you are obviously not of their kind.

Now you should know that my kind left me. I gravitated towards people, in the way we do when we have but to step outside, and let our feet go wither they will, to let happen.

That is figurative. I say that just to highlight the fact that there are none of my kind left in the place that was the last place where I lived where I knew the natural feeling of home.

A great big fuss is made over children sharing what grows naturally. The fact is that adults don't remember what they said one day to the next about it. An example is a song which was wildly popular, which was supposed to stimulate a young man with the thought of what he would be missing out on by getting 'high.'

Now, let me not get the days wrong here. And let me not forget that we were supposed to feel flattered when someone said to us that no-one would understand what we are saying.

Have you jumped off a peer, yet? If so, try swimming the other way, next time.

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